Welcome to my website – a place for thoughtful discussion about the world in which we live and what we can do to make it a better place today and in the future.

I have spent my career as a journalist, West Virginia’s 29th Secretary of State and now a leading advocate for expanding voting rights to eligible Americans.

We live in a time of constant noise – 24 hour news cycles and social media channels that give everyone a voice. The problem is too often the voices we hear spin a tale of half-truths to fit nicely into a political ideology or advance policy that is not always best for the country.

Through this website, I’ll explore topics of importance and while I may not always have the right answers, the goal is more to provoke thought and honest discussion about the issues and problems facing West Virginia.

In West Virginia, we like to say, “Mountaineers are Always Free”. Freedom though requires hard work, citizen involvement and holding those we elect accountable to do the right thing and not what is politically expedient to serve the interest of elected officials.

Join me in this discussion. Together, we can solve the problems facing our state and improve the lives of all West Virginians.


Natalie E. Tennant served as West Virginia’s 29th Secretary of State from 2009 to 2017. Throughout her administration, she was a leader in promoting open and engaging government and business-friendly initiatives. She streamlined the Secretary of State’s Office to make it more efficient and cost-effective while improving services for voters, candidates, business owners, and citizens. She is proud to have returned $4 million of taxpayer money to general revenue while remaining focused on conserving tax payer dollars and ensuring government transparency.

Under Secretary Tennant’s leadership, the Secretary of State’s Office met unprecedented election challenges and promoted bold initiatives. Thanks to her, West Virginia emerged as a leader on the national stage in election modernization, by implementing online voter registration and helping West Virginia become the third state in the nation to pass automatic voter registration. In 2010, Secretary Tennant led West Virginia as the first state to use online voting for deployed military members. It was a successful pilot project that was safe and secure for the military.

While moving forward in expanding voting rights, Secretary Tennant also has a proven record of preserving the integrity of our elections. She had more investigations and convictions for election law violations than any other secretary in West Virginia’s history.

Secretary Tennant showed her dedication to West Virginia’s military men and women time and time again through office initiatives. In 2015, she spearheaded bipartisan legislation that passed unanimously, creating a business waiver program which allows veterans to register their business without the initial fee. Veterans also receive a waiver for their annual report filing fee for the first four years.

Secretary Tennant is a graduate of West Virginia University where she earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees. She also served as the first woman Mountaineer Mascot.

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